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AV Super Sunshine

Dance – EDM

United States

Victor House Records

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AV Super Sunshine & Jordin Baas (aka Elroy Jordin) AVM Music Publishing
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AV Super Sunshine Bio

Seizing an invitation to host Wisconsin’s oldest weekly open mic as a way to wean off anti-depressants, the once reclusive artist got off the couch in 2013 and hit the ground running!   Within a few months’ time of showcasing his songs, he received an invitation to record at Ben Folds Studio in Nashville.   

While recording at Ben’s, he received his unique name from Grammy nominated, songwriter producer James House who crafted it by combining the artist’s initials of AV with his song title“ Super Sunshine Girl” to form AV Super Sunshine.

The AV Super Sunshine name fits both the artist and his music perfectly.  When asked about his songs and inspiration, AV explains, “It’s real personal. I’m a long-term, severe abuse victim but trying to fight the good fight. A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, depression and anxiety disorder. I’ve used songwriting as a way to cope.” 

He goes on to explain, “I’ve tried record everything I’ve been experiencing in my songwriting.  Everything I write is about a true life or an emotional experience I’ve had.”  He shares his Super Sunshine with the hope that his songs will help others with similar circumstances or illness.

AV’s “Baby Goodbye” was released to CMJ radio as a single in July 2015 and with grass-roots fan support hit #7 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart in October 2015.  A follow up “Just Like Kurt” Kurt Cobain tribute EP (CMJ Top 100) went to radio in October 2015 followed in May 2016 by a “Baby Goodbye” CD (CMJ Top 100) which spent 22 weeks on the CMJ chart.

In October 2016, “Bass Face”, a collection of radio friendly pop-rock-art songs produced by legendary hit maker Michael Bradford was released to CMJ (Top 100) radio.  After several of the album tracks showed up on the global indie crossover dance club charts a CD of dance remixes entitled “Bass Face Remixes” was released in 2017.  This produced three number one dance cub and crossover hits, “Baby Goodbye”, “I Am Alien” and “Smile”.

For 2018, a new collection of dance remixes entitled “Candyland Remixes Volume 1” is being completed.  The first two singles, “Apple” (which was played by a record 48K dance club DJs worldwide) and “Orange” have already each achieved number one dance and crossover charts.  The third single, “Time Bomb”, has not only achieved number 1’s on the indie crossover and dance club charts, but has also charted on the Cashbox Top 50 Pop Airplay chart, the DRT Top 50 Pop Radio Airplay chart and Euro Indie Airplay Top 10 chart.

This incredibly driven artist doesn’t stop producing, and a full “Candyland” CD is scheduled for release in 2019.  Written to be a rock opera like the Who’s “Tommy,” the songs tell stories of AV’s time in treatment and his journey of weaning himself off anti-depressants. The new CD will contain full band versions of “Apple”, “Orange”, “Time Bomb“ and “Alien Abduction”, as well as several new songs.  An AV Super Sunshine film based on the Alien Abduction song is also planned to be released with the CD and will begin making the rounds at film festivals.  AV’s tour plans are to promote both the “Candyland” remixes, “Candyland” album, and “Alien Abduction” Film.

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