Blu Collar

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Blu Collar began his entertainment career in the early eighties as a humorist and raconteur, reciting his own lyrics in a dinner theater scene. Harrisburg PA’s Doshi Gallery Cafe repeatedly sought Mr. Collar’s adventure ballads as part of their evening programs.

Following his well-received stint at the Doshi, Mr. Collar went on to visit nursing homes in the surrounding area, bringing laughter and mirth to shut-ins and the elderly.

In 2011 he formed the Blu Collar Glomeration, primarily a rockn roll band with many submissions to YouTube. Although the group no longer makes personal appearances, he is still rocking his heart out as a YouTube contributor. It has been noted that people of all ages, having once heard the Glomeration’s music, find themselves smiling and chuckling as they recall the humorous lyrics, even at work!

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