Born to Fly High

      born to fly high - born to fly high

What began once long ago in a project called Tempesta Kimika continued to evolve into something far beyond the expectations of its creators. After more than a decade spent carefully refining their skills and finding a shared unity through the music they created, it soon became time to rebrand the name of the project to reflect the incredible growth in their ideas & sound…and to now share it with the world.

As experimental-electro two-piece Kemikal Storm, they made it their mission to explore uncharted sonic terrain and tap into an all-new vein of creativity in music. Though their own highly-unique & versatile approach, they structure compositions with captivating sound designed to connect to the mind, body & soul – you can feel the music of Kemikal Storm resonate within your very core & stimulate your 3rd eye.

As diverse as it is vibrant, the duo collectively combines their individual talents into something even greater in the wildly imaginative sounds of Kemikal Storm. Challenging themselves to discover stunning new ways to thread real instrumentation into their endlessly creative electro rhythms & enchanting melodies, Kemikal Storm creates entire atmospheres & a world of sound they can truly call their own.
You are formally invited to listen to their insightfully creative, thought-provoking take on electro-entertainment – the debut album from Kemikal Storm called Memories officially releases on December 1st, 2017, and they’re welcoming everyone to experience an electrifying set of music you’ll never forget.



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