Damiano Unique

Artist: Damiano Unique [Da-me-ah-no]
Song: In Love With You

Buy/Stream: https://song.link/i/1474708733
Website: https://www.damianounique.com
Social Media: @DamianoUnique

Damiano Unique, American vocal artist, record producer, and entrepreneur was born Damiano Unique Austin in Montgomery, Alabama. She grew up in New Town, an economically impoverished & disadvantaged neighborhood on the city’s north side. Nestled in the shadow of Montgomery’s history & located less than a mile from over a dozen historical sites, there weren’t many outlets to escape the already beaten path. Attracted to the arts at an early age, Damiano began her exploration of songwriting & vocal composition as a child. In the seventh grade, she became a member of her middle school marching band as a b flat Clarinetist, in which she organically evolved into a bass & contrabass clarinetist. After participating six consecutive years in middle school & high school band, she moved on to march percussion at Alabama State University. Damiano directly accredits her natural mesh of melody & rhythm to her musical background & says her development as an artist was and is synonymous with her progression as a musician. In early 2019 after discovering her honing her creative gifts & vocal talents Damiano released a series content including Passport Music, a mixed tape that signaled the start of a promising new career. Damiano is creating a sound and style that will inevitably place her at the top. Her unique style, distinguished melodic tones & intellectually savvy lyrics help separate the noise from art. Damiano Unique represents a generation that sees art as a brand, creativity as freedom and luxury as a lifestyle. #Wemoonwalker

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