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TEMPERANCE LANCECOUNCIL is a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, California, who originally hails from the Carolina, Virginia line. At first glance, you’d think of this sultry lady as a sexy R&B singer, or as a swaggering, female rapper. Instead, she’s a Country-Soul songstress who grew up watching “Hee Haw” on television and listening to Dolly Parton, John Denver, Glen Campbell ad others. Her back story is not one without adversity – she overcame two bouts of life-threatening, double pneumonia as an infant, and scarlet fever as a child. She was told that she started singing and dancing at age 3, when her mother began teaching her how to harmonize. She readily admits to picking poke salad as a child and eating red dirt.


DANCER IN YA DREAM is a sultry, bluegrass-sounding song, featuring a dancer’s conversation with a “mystery” person. The one thing that’s true in this mysterious, come-hither *HOT* tune, is that the dancer did eventually dance for the “mystery” person … but whether or not it’s “ALL” just a dream … remains a mystery.

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Dancer in Ya Dream by Temperance Lancecouncil (singer|songwriter|performer)
© Copyright – Temperance Lancecouncil / She Thinks She’s Cute / Lancelot Prod. (194660595393)
Genre: Country | Modern Country
Release Date: 2020

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