Konstantinos Dilzas is a naval Architect and marine Engineer who started singing and producing songs some years ago. His song “Petra & Efhi” entered iTunes international Latin Chart and iTunes USA Latin Chart and also was nominated for the IMA AWARDS NEW YORK 2016 in two categories (Best Latin song and Best Video Clip ). He has produced Electronic dance songs based on poems composed by himself. The Songs were in Greek and after the success they achieved at Youtube, they were translated in English by Tina Refenes. Additionally Konstantinos produces covers of his favorite Greek songs for a special album titlted “Otan Arga Tha pernoume to dromo” . The first 3 songs of the album are already uploaded at Youtube! Finally he is the master of the Greek Italo Disco Scene since he has produced two special italo disco tracks. The first is the Italo Disco Remix of his song “Petra & Efhi” and the second is a special cover on Angie Dylan’s 80S hit “in the dark”. Both are produced and remixed by the famous Dutch Dj ChrisZ The song “in the dark” was also added to the special 2017 Summer Italo disco Megamix by Dj FABIO V. while Dj COX form USA made a special mash up mix for the songs “in the dark” and “Song for Denise” (Piano Fantasia). Both mixes along with the “in the dark” remixes were released in a special promo 12” vinyl only for DJs Good luck to all our projects, Konstantinos! Youtube channels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCng4tPS1EoYeBi6sBTfbkMg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmedhl2jG4unv5Km8X7vTEA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQlwssoOl3rsqrsBuWA9mUA Official electronic songs page: https://www.jumpingfish.gr/kosdil FacebookTwitterInstagram