The 1990’s ushered in a new sound for R&B music. The genre was aligning itself with Hip Hop’s growing popularity with increasing frequency. Singers found themselves crooning over edgier music and both radio and club dee jays were embracing the sound which was being dubbed “The New Jack Swing”. It was during this time that a young, Boston-based dee jay was coming of age and laying down a foundation for his craft. Michael Loyd was the quintessential student of music and it was, indeed, his first love and best friend. In particular, the “Uptown Sound’ made famous by signature artists of the former, New York City-based, Uptown Records label appealed to Loyd who fell in love with what was widely considered the “new” Motown Records. Michael, who would take on the name Justyn Tyme, was himself a talented songwriter and vocalist and so his attraction to the sound of the New Jack Swing era was a natural one. As one third of a local rap trio called B-LA-JIT, Michael ‘Justyn Tyme’ Loyd was able to hone his songwriting and performing skills. The Boston group performed extensively and acquired a notable fan base. This would cement the sometimes shy performer’s love for entertaining crowds. Years later, long after B-LA-JIT disbanded, Justyn Tyme landed his own radio show on 91.3FM in Worcester, Massachusetts. As the host of “The Wreckroom Show”, Justyn Tyme featured a popular music format which included mid-tempo R&B favorites as well as his signature, late-night “slow jam” segments. Justyn Tyme’s long running show on 91.3FM would propel him to landing him a spot as the resident dee jay on the syndicated Keri’s Korner Radio Show and, later, his own daily spot on Los Angeles-based One West Radio where he hosts and produces “The Soul Kitchen”. Justyn Tyme’s ear for music, vast knowledge of the art, and his love of entertaining has made him a sought-after dee jay and producer as well. His desire to continuously reinvent himself will ensure his continued success.


Monday – 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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