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Matt U Johnson

With traditional roots in the Caribbean nation of Jamaica and his Birthright in Staten Island, New York, Matt U brings a new and improved flavor to the music industry.
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Sebastian Azul

I am raising neurological disorder awareness because my awesome, wonderful, bright 10- year- old son, Dominic, has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder called TOURETTES SYNDROME in addition to his condition he also

has been diagnosed with ADHD & GAD.

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UK based, Taffy T who explores pop, alternative and electronic music mashed together with his voice. 2017 saw his debut song ‘Survived’ and is currently working on his debut EP out soon.

Submitted Tracks


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Cant Breathe

Cant Breathe Records is a collective music brand specializing in bass line house music. Their music spans from different influences within the party scene providing a blend of house grooves laced with sexy seductive vocals and dirty bass lines.


5 Tracks Submitted 

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Blue Champagne

Hip Hop



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Sing, rap, write, engineer and on occasion, produce, this artist from California is seemingly a jack-of-all-trades. CHAZZY isn’t necessarily a new-comer to the music industry, working alongside the likes of Strong Arm Steady’s Krondon,

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