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Electronic, Dance, Metal , Alt Rock

United States


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Jalal B. Andre / ASCAP
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Dream About Nothing
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gloryBots Bio:

“Aliens land, while listening to OK Computer – they meet Nine Inch Nails and Muse in a back alley, a fight breaks out, and it’s all captured on video”

Meet gloryBots, a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Jalal Andre, described as the amalgam of upbeat, post-punk and alien sonic textures.

gloryBots began as a deliberate departure from the typical rock-band format, with intent to pursue a greater focus on theme development and multi-instrument arrangement.  However, the project quickly evolved with the introduction of more alien sonic landscapes.  The combination of melodic, pop-like vocals cast over haunting themes, alternate chord constructs, and frequent alien sonic landscapes gave rise to the concept of Dark Alien Pop®, which would become the self-defined gloryBots music style, and also the name of the debut 12-song full-length album. 

The range of songs on Dark Alien Pop can approach similarity to bands such as The Cure (in “Gold Politique”) and Radiohead (in “Dream About Nothing”), while elements of Nine Inch Nails and God Is An Astronaut can be heard in songs such as “Afterlife” and “Syzygy”.  By the same token, the influence of Jalal’s partial upbringing in Brasil can be heard in the song “Forces”, which incorporates Bossa nova overtones floating in a chasm of subharmonic synth and wah-bass.  Meanwhile, the ballad, “Le Monde”, begins and ends with sonic textures reminiscent of a sci-fi motion-picture soundtrack.

What are reviewers saying?

“Simply stated, the album sails.” – Ark Of Music 

“Dark Alien Pop presents dazzling soundscapes and deliciously soft vocals. The effect is spellbinding.” Blogcritics

“ The whole album in fact goes by in a seemingly instant flash of intricate catchiness, wholesome new wave pop and extra-terrestrial presence.” -Northwest Music Scene"



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