Locksley Dixon is a guitarist, keyboardist, and roots reggae artists born in Tower Hill, Jamaica. 
Locksley’s interest in music was inevitable as he had been born into a family of many melodious talents. His grandfather was a trumpet player and Locksley credits his older brother with introducing him to the guitar through rigorous lessons at the age of eight years old. 

Despite skepticism from his family and close friends, Locksley went with his heart to pursue a career as a musician after graduating high school. He studied at Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. With his innate skills and formal training, Locksley has been able to produce music with acts like Sizzla, l-Wayna, Judy Mowatt, Queens Ifrika, Tony Rebel, and 
Jermaine Edwards. He has toured with Jimmy Cliff as a part of Cliffs band. This experience allowed him to showcase his talents in front of kings and queens across the world as well as perform at The Hollywood Bowl, one of the world’s largest music venues. 

After receiving praise from Buju Banton former drummer, Prince, for his unique voice, Locksley launched his own solo career as a reggae singer with his 2017 single “Play My Music”. The single caught the attention of many, but it was his 2018 single ‘Fren Killa which was inspired 
by the death of a close friend, that established Locksley as a force in the reggae community. 

With all he has accomplished thus far, Locksley has yet to show the world his full potential. He will continue to make his younger self proud by following his dreams. 

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