Our New Plan

Patrick Is located in Switzerland for a few years he is composing Beats
And doing also a little bit using music consulting, ghost writing and supporting other musicians in her projekts.

..styles like reggae pop-reggaeton and EDM with tropical touch
Recently I started to write and publish my own music. the song our new plan is one of last releases under MPO
my vision is to see people having fun and dancing to my beats

Instagram Patrick.wiget.ch


Lately, there’s a growing interest in tropical rhythms among the EDM community. Well, that’s the case of European Producer MPO who drops a reggaefied dembow beat on “Our New Plan”. Sooner or later, his skills for making infectious tunes is what will give him popularity. Bright and sunny days match perfectly with this debut single that scream summertime. If that description is not enough to hook you, then, you will love the combination between sexy female vocals + rapid-fire rap verses.  Definitely, “Our New Plan” sounds incredibly fun. Don’t think twice, you must include it in your dance music playlist right away!


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