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Sam Least

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Post Master
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Samuel Florexil was born on June 2, 1988, in West Palm Beach, FL. He spent his childhood days in South Florida. Growing up as a toddler, he used any household utensils to drum with on anything that would produce a sound, and took the stage for the first time to sing at the age of seven. Since Samuel grew a passion for music, and was introduce to all genres of music by one of, his sisters who would buy him various CDs. Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake mostly influenced him. He would spend time studying the art of music and sing along. Growing up, He also surrounded himself with great musicians to learn and perfect his skills as a drummer. Others would often say, “You know when Sam is playing the drums, his sound is unique”. However, his voice made an impact to many by leading worship, directing choirs, and performing at weddings.

 Being in love with music his whole life, and teaching himself how to do different runs, and hitting the right notes vocally, Samuel Florexil is now ready to introduce his sound to the world with the stage name Sam Least. His debut single Post Master is an analogy to let the listeners know that he will be bringing hits to their streaming platform. Hits that are not define by one genre, but all genres and different types of music. Sam Least believes music is universal and so is his sound.



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