Sebastian Azul


Sebastian Azul is an independent awareness artist, song writer and producer, based in UK (London)
Born in Angola, Raised in England.
Azul, studied music technology for 3 years and earned vocational qualifications upon completion.
He always had a passion for writing poetry and produce tracks.

When he became a father, he learned that his child had a neurological condition, called ”Tourettes Syndrome” in addition his child also has ADHD and Anxiety, which is a combination of ”Tourettes’ Syndrome”

As of September 2016, Azul decided to use his passion and skills for music as a platform to raise awareness about ”Tourettes Syndrome” he has embarked on a professional musician route to educate the general public about the effects and hardships of Tourettes Syndrome.

As well as music, Azul also has clothing and other merchandises.
Azul, has independently released a number of awareness downloads and stream singles via iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, & Apple music.

His single ”I’m the girl” was charted number 2 on online radios.

Azul, music contains messages of empowerment, courage, faith, hope, strength, love and unity, he is the only artist that has expressed and touched on sensitive subjects about neurological condition in a way never done before, thus makes him an exceptional awareness musician.