Silence In London

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Matulla feat Craig Silence In London (London lockdown, coronavirus)

Mathias Brandt (Matulla) Wolfsburg, Germany. Self taught musician. Famous for the rock story “Lost On The Way.”

Craig. Liverpool, England. Singer of the band Midnight Prophecy


      Silence In London - Silence In London


Recorded, written, produced and performed solely by Matulla with Craig filling in the vocal duties, this song grabs you from the second it starts. The high-gain guitar riffs are very effective and conjure an intelligently crafted lead-in into high ranged story-telling vocals and lyrics that compliment the song’s overall aura. This song rocks, rolls, and tells a powerful story told in real time; making “Silence In London” a loud message for the masses about a story that is all too real. In a time of urgency, uncertainty and dark hours and days, it’s powerful songs like this that really get us to reflect on our own lives and the others around us as well. This track really puts the focus on the victims of the pandemic and awareness factor, giving the listener a perspective that not only resonates with them, but also entices them to reflect as well, reminding us that we should never take our lives for granted, and that the story you’re hearing is one that you are part of. This song is dedicated to anyone and everyone that is directly or indirectly affected by COVID19.

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