Sky Richards

Album Name “Time to Fly” First Single “RollerCoaster Ride”

Message:Never Take love for granted, real love is hard to find Video Link for the single You Tube Written by Sky Richards Composed By Sky Richards Arrangement and Produced and Mixed by Sky Richards Publishing I AM Industries Inc Release Date 27th September 2019 THE MUSIC Sky Richards will be a name you will get used to in the coming Months and years. His music is ever lasting, and will touch your soul and refresh you every time. Sky Richards has taken Years to develop an Album that has a positive message we all should hear, and understand. Produced with the highest quality, with a mixture of PoP, R+B and Soul,Composed, and arranged, Co, Produced by Sky. This is truly an amazing album in every way. Just listen and find out for yourself! And enjoy!!! Music is to be heard and felt at the same time. Giving you a certain emotion, a reminder of good or bad. It touches you every time you listen. sky Richards “Time to fly album” does this in every… The Bio Sky has been singing since the age of 6 and was destined to become a house hold name, but decided to focus on other areas before bringing his music to the world stage. At the age of 39 he feels now is the time to show himself and hope many get to understand the message within his music. For Sky it has been many trials and tribulations, but he has made it through and stayed positive,and with constant faith to finally bring you his word, what he believes in, and his unique sound. Born in the UK , and travelled the world, he understands what people go through in their life’s and whats missing. He wanted to produce an album that reflects happiness, sadness, misunderstanding, Love, Pain and winning. An album that touches you, reminds, you and helps you forget the sad and remember the good. This is not an ordinary album with no meaning, it was written and produced to touch your soul and lift you up, and this is what it does. Sky truly hopes you like it, and it gives you a everlasting listening pleasure not always heard in todays market place. Social Media Links

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