Stop the brutality


h.m. Voto is a rapper, producer and song writer from NW London.

The name VOTO is an acronym standing for the voice of the oppressed whilst His Majesty came from the idea of him taking the mantle to be the lead speaker for all those who are going through all forms of oppression.

He started off as a poems in secondary school after hearing Still Dre by Dr Dre.

So impressed by the song, he tried to re-create the lyrics to the song and that was how he realised he had a talent in music.

Prior to all that Voto was more into football and was a promising footballer with a football coach who was preparing to send him for trials.

After discovering he can write songs, he abandoned his plans to make it in football and instead turned his attention to music.

Voto wrote approximately 300 songs before leaving school and most was about the problems he was facing at home growing up.
He finds it easier communicating struggles in music.
He also performed at school talent events.

Voto used to do paper round in the Queens Park area of London and save the payment he receives, along with lunch money to buy rap music singles from virgin megastores in Kilburn. Music CD’s in those days used to come with instruments which became handy as Voto and his friends used to freestyle over them after school.

Though he went through years of writing songs and rapping, It wasn’t until about at aged 19 that he recorded his first song in a studio.

The song was titled celebrity weakness which poked fun at celebrities. It was never released because It was done over doctor Dre’s still Dre beat. However, a video was done but it went missing. Voto said some people out there may have the video.

At aged 21, Voto started teaching himself how to make beats, but did not have the patience so he went through years of just writing songs, recording them and keeping them.

Over the years there were a few songs released but to no success. This was hurtful so Voto took time away from music and focused fully on working and being a good father.

Years went by and fast forward to March 2020,  just before the corona virus lockdown in England, Voto went out with colleagues to a bar in west London for a colleagues leaving do. His colleague encouraged him to get back into music. This awakened his love once again for music.

He started producing more music and perfecting his craft.
Voto is a perfectionist and will do a song as many times it takes to make sure he likes every part of it.

He decided to invest his money on putting together a home studio.

Then he kept spending lots of hours researching how to record, mix and master music.

After completing his research, he found out there were other softwares he needed to make the process simpler and quality excellent.

He goes home every weekend during lockdown to record a few songs which he will mix and master after work each day. Working from home became very handy for this.

Voto has other songs which he was planning on releasing first but had to put those on hold after what happened to George Floyd which resulted in the recording of stop the brutality.

This song was recorded some years ago over a different beat but Voto felt he had to change some of the lyrics and use a different beat.

Voto also does music for tv and radio adverts and he’s recorded several to date.

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