Tasos Petsas Michael

Tasos Petsas a Greek creator of electronic music, this weekreleased his new single called “Untitled” via FMRecords.
For the first time the sound of his music is house with anaddictive and nostalgic rhythm that manages to “hypnotize” you from the first minute.
Asthe creator intended, the track brings together the memories of the past, the
everyday life of the present, and the expectations of the future. And because
he doesn’t have any title for all of these events, he called it “Untitled”.Thetrack has already reached the #1 spot on the Gr-Top 100 and it’s his 7th NO#1
in Greece after “Mother Of Mine (Anna)”, “Angel Of Mine (Aural Fragment Edit)”
with Manja Vlachogianni, “Friend Of Mine” Remixed by Lego Boy, “Anna” with
Thespina Patrona, “Voices (Istimpei)”
& “Mother Of Mine (Anna) (Deep House


ARRIL 6th 2018

Tasos Petsas – Michael The new project of Tasos Petsas, a Greek creator of electronic music, is called“Libra (1975) Part One” a six track EP which released by FM Records and already reached the #1 spot on the Greek Digital Album Chart. The lead single is called “Michael” in loving of his father who suddenly passed away last April. “Michael” is on two versions. The first version called “Original Edit” is a retro 80’s synthwave track and the second called “House Edit”. This mini album has a whole 80’s retropackage with upbeat and positive synthesizer-based sound tracks such as his new remix of his big hit “Mother Of Mine (Anna)” in lovingmemory of his mother who passed away suffering from breast cancer and topped the Billboard on April of 2015 staying into top-10 for 23 weeks.

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