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      The Wonders of Monkey Mac - The Wonders of Monkey Mac

How many Snacker Packer Stacker’s can a snacker packer stack, for a snac, like Snac, Pac, Stac and monkey Mac? Find out in this incredible comedy/adventure book, how Mac is raised as a human and then given his own apartment in the zoo under a scientific experiment. The scientists want to see how the wild monkeys will react to Mac doing things like a human. They also, want to see if Mac will show any signs of wanting to live with the wild monkeys. Based on this research, will Congress pass a new law, that monkeys raised as human, will never have to return to the wild as long as they live? Mac doesn’t like the zoo and escapes every chance he gets to meet up with his best friends Early Earl, Snac, Pac and Stac. They race their go-carts against some girls from school, only to crash and find themselves in big trouble with goofy cop looking for them. Will they get arrested? Will Mac be captured?

Kids will travel to Snacker Packer’s Stacker’s Land

Snac, Pac, Stac and monkey Mac

Go-cart Adventure

Snackerpackerstackians, or Packerstackerstackians or Stackerpackerstackians- depends on what you like to do the most… Snack, pack or stack?

Snackerpackerstackian is: “Snackerpackerstackish” or as you know, depending on the group/society/ethnic …it is what you do the most: snack, pack or stack. The words can be interchanged, but “ish” is at the end. So, a person can be: Snackerpackerstackish, Packersnackerstackish, Stackersnackerpackish, Snackerstackerpackish, Packerstackersnackish or a Stackerpackersnackish – 6 combinations

The Wonders of Monkey Mac! Is a beloved children’s comedy/adventure about real life challenges and the transforming power of faith, hope and love. It tells the story of a young monkey named Mac that was raised as a human and then eventually forced to live in a zoo under a new scientific experiment. 

Mac doesn’t like living in the zoo and escapes every chance he gets Thanks to some new friends, Snac, Pac, Stac and Early-Earl, Mac learns a lot about life and making his own decisions. Will Mac survive living like a human or will he give in and become wild like the other monkeys in the zoo?
Come inside and discover a world full of pure fun, with rhymes riddles and sign along songs. 

Get ready to become great Snackerpackerstackians and learn to speak Snackerpackerstackish!

It’s gentle moral tale is based on a go-cart adventure where the boys compete against the girls and wind-up in a whole lot of trouble.

TRICK QUESTION IN THE BOOK: “How many snacker packer stackers can a snacker packer stacker stack, for a snack, like Snac, Pac, Stac and monkey Mac?” 

Why is the book important? This story is important to me, because kids are dealing with bullying, anger, sibling rivalry, being gay, lying, stealing, cheating and a host of other life changing moments. This book gives answers and solutions to all these problems and situations. Kids have choices but being told and reading them can mean two different things. This story can help so many children facing life very day challenges. It’s also educational tool, teaching about animals, math, reading and science. It has aliens, ghost, a Kangaroo with a whole apartment in her belly, law, spaceships, riddles, rhymes and sing-a-long songs in it.