At Any Moment - Voices

Band Bio : We Are At Any Moment. We’re a Progressive/Alternative/Indie Rock band with a little bit of Funk and Soul mixed in. We’re from Detroit, Michigan. The greatest thing about our band is our diversity and authenticity. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures and add a little something individually to our music and it shows. No 2 of our songs sound the same so we cover a wide variety of genres. We pour our heart and soul into everything we do and the emotion in our songs come from a real place. Our goal is to make you feel something when you listen and to relate to each and every one of our listeners on a personal level.

Song Bio : The song is entitled “Voices”. It is an emotional song of self reflection and doubt referring to negativity that is put in your head even from yourself or those close to you (voices). Those voices are sometimes what push people over the edge to do unfortunate things that there’s no coming back from and this song was written to connect with people who have those thoughts and hear those voices. Basically to let people know they’re not alone


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