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    Darrell Kelley Darrell Kelley

a young black man got Murdered by racist police way before George Floyd.

he said I can’t breathe called for his momma But his cries was ignored.

Days weeks months and then whole year went by.

Then the video was finally released that’s when his momma Vickey saw how he died.

He died in the hands of OKC’S racist cops.

And this young black man name had a family his name was Derrick Scott.

His momma said if there’s no justice then there will never be peace.

And I’m going to keep writing these songs until you take these Rasist cops off the streets.

We have to come together and put a stop to all these police killings.

And we can change the way things are right now but only if your willing.

This young black man was Murdered by OKC’S Resist cops.

When he died he left his family his name was Derrick scott.

Say his name Derrick scott what’s his name Derrick scott.

He died in the hands of OKC’S racist cops.

Together we stand and together we will fall.

When you kill one of us it’s like you just killed us all.

I’m not saying all cops are bad or all cops are Rasist.

But black lives mater and when bad cops kill good cops need to step in.

This young black man died in the hands of OKC’S Rasist Cops.

He’s so missed and was truly loved his name was Derrick scott.

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