The Spit Fire Show

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Sunday 2:00 am trending_flat 4:00 am

The Spit Fire Show


The Spit Fire Show Presented By  DJ DeePoise, Key, Kid Justice and Phizz Ed have joined forces to bring the world Spit Fire Save The Matches! The Unmatched Men of SFSM host a salon where they discuss a myriad of topics that range from cooking to underwater basket weaving!
They often invite guests to partake in this salon. Their most recent guests were MC Delite and Daddy-O of Stetsasonic.
They also had the pleasure of interviewing rising YouTube star Queen Maleah Lynn (with her Manager Monica) who boasts a huge following and multiple videos with over 1 million views. The hosts come from various backgrounds and are a joy to watch! Don’t forget to check the Schedule & also sign up to our new platform The Buzz Energy

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