Cant Breathe Records Submitted 5 Tracks

Cant Breathe Records is a collective music brand specializing in bass line house music. Their music spans from different influences within the party scene providing a blend of house grooves laced with sexy seductive vocals and dirty bass lines. When deciding on the name “Cant Breathe” we felt this best described us, as we can feel very suffocated due to our crazy lifestyles we live.

How do i get Airtime on Radio ?

Submissions are judged on their ability to stand alone as well as how they sit in the Issue.
Recording quality matters but we’ll accept a lo-fi track if it speaks to us.
We give preference to tracks that are unpublished or recently recorded (last 6 months).
All artists are required to pay a fee towards running costs of our station £5 is normal for a track submission,
you will see on the Playlists when and what time it was played.

Why i Submit Music & Produce Music

I am raising neurological disorder awareness because my awesome, wonderful, bright 10- year- old son, Dominic, has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder called TOURETTES SYNDROME in addition to his condition he also

has been diagnosed with ADHD & GAD.

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What About Royalties ?

We Do this for the love of music and simply sell airtime to pay for hosting costs and running costs, we do not offer royalties we survive on Donations & Submissions from listeners and djs

Can i see proof my track been played ?

YES !  Your track will show on The Radio Playlist or Server logs. Email us with your Track name and we can send you required information with screen shots

Can you Prove your Listening Peaks

YES ! Please email us Requesting out Server Logs for Connection Details how many connections are made to the server and where they are from.

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Terms & Conditions: Submitting your music to Londons Energy Radio Includes granting us broadcasting rights of your submitted song(s) for free, waiving present and future rights to collection of both broadcast and mechanical royalties. Basically this means you’re giving us the music for free, and understand that there is no promise of payment from us. However, we strive to repay you in other ways including promotion, airplay, backlinks and more. We aim to provide our listeners with the best possible independent music radio shows, promote your music, band and brand, and will endeavor to help compensate you by adding links to your websites,