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Want to dj from your own home: Londons Energy Radio Has you Covered.

Complete the DJ Application and be considered for a DJ residency role at Londons Energy Radio.

Before completing the DJ application, it would be good to explain the role first of all. We are a growing Internet radio station specialising in UKG HOUSE RNB AND DNB. Our group of DJs, artists and producers come from literally all around the world.

From the UK to Norway, to USA, to Ireland, Londons Energy Radio streams from all corners of the globe.

The radio residency involves installing streaming software on your computer or laptop and streaming your set to our live radio server. Our radio server then distributes the music to the listeners tuned in. The streaming software is extremely easy to set up

During the live session, you would also be required to show yourself in the chat room where listeners drop by.

In addition to showing your face in the chat room, you would also be required to promote Londons Energy Radio on your social media accounts, including but not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Soundcloud
  • Mixcloud

This not only helps promote the radio but also yourself & Your show, we also require you to use a mic, also please send your own biography as we will not accept something that has been copied from elsewhere

Please take your time to fill out the below DJ application form and we will be in touch with the next steps of the application process.

Please endeavor to have as many social links listed as possible.
This would include Mixcloud / Soundcloud, if available.
For your biography, the more information the better.

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