Scott Wilson


Energy Dj Bio

My name is Scott “Syrjam” Wilson I’ve been Djing for about 20plus years…From Dillwyn,Va. setting up speakers and learning the craft with Dj’s like Superwolf,Stan Lee from Lynchburg the Bomb from Lynchburg and most notable Sam the Beast from the East to Worcester,Ma. Learning from DJ ‘s Masta Sun,Captain sky,ill Neil,Chuckchillin, Prince,Johngotem and Diamond/kool Kriss just to name a few ….Radio programmer/on air personality +DJ @Wcuw 91.3 public broadcasting radio/Wnrc975.5 Nichols College Radio/WNER 💯.com/Hustle Fam internet radio….with that R&B Experience (DJ) Uptempo and Slow Yesterday’s/Today’s Commercial & Indie + dat B-side flava Rhythm and Blues “Lover’s Vibe on Lover’s Hour” ……for you to Fall/Stay in Love ❤️

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